Nov 23, 2017
  • Nov 23, 2017 from 6:45pm to 9:45pm
  • Location: Casselberry, FL
  • Latest Activity: Oct 21, 2017

Team_M3E *Nite Lyfe Promotions *All In Ent Presents

The Thanksgiving Who Got Talent Show

Up to $1,500 in prizes

  • Rappers
  • Singers
  • Models
  • Comedians
  • Dancers
  • Dance Groups

Register at or call (407)385-0255

$30 registration fee / registration deadline Nov. 15th

Doors Open 6:45 pm - show start 7:30 pm

Advanced tickets $10 / $15 at door

OLE (Orlando Live Events) 6405 S HWY 17-92

Casselberry, FL

Ticket locations:

Urban Appeal , Sandford

Own Ur Style, Sandford

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    Hypnodic is been creating music for 10 years but said the last 5 has been what impacted his career the most. What started off as a hobby to release stress and economical tension as a teen evolved into a long-standing career. The difference from now and when he started is he has grown to understand the power behind his lyrics. He said…

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     A real fan of rap and hip hop cannot deny that TOX bring that good ole feeling that Biggie and Pac gives. When I listen to his new hit “It ain’t a game” Ft. J Hood a feeling came over me that was very familiar. It’s like Martin when he smells his momma biscuits. Hip hop is still alive, yes! Rap is not dead. It’s just not getting the love it should and TOX brings it so official. What a fan can expect is to clearly…

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Dj Chizzle

DJ Chizzle 

        DJ Chizzle is known as a triple treat, a DJ, a lyricist and a beat maker. Now that’s a show stopper hands down. Yet DJ Chizzle greatest quality his energy is what makes him a super star. The love and passion this man has for music is most inspirational. He is fearless when it comes to rocking the stage. He is super hyphy and high sought after…

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Hot Brands To Follow 2

In this version of Hot Brands to Follow we have three Brands that are doing amazing things. Businesses that this are becoming pioneers in the community when times are calling for leaders. Letting the Brand be your passion and watch you take it places like these guys.


Avado Clothing Company…

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