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DJ Chizzle 

        DJ Chizzle is known as a triple treat, a DJ, a lyricist and a beat maker. Now that’s a show stopper hands down. Yet DJ Chizzle greatest quality his energy is what makes him a super star. The love and passion this man has for music is most inspirational. He is fearless when it comes to rocking the stage. He is super hyphy and high sought after because of his ability to produce hits. It may seem like I’m tooting the trumpet loud on DJ Chizzle but meeting him you would say I couldn’t express enough how live and upbeat he is as an artist. He started off as a DJ and have been in the game for about 16 years. Now that I think about it that explain a lot. The best DJ’s have the able to hype any party and keep people moving. That experience as a DJ first gave DJ Chizzle the foundation of super stardom.


              I asked DJ Chizzle how it all started. He said his uncle had a very extensive record collect of all the great hit in R&B, jazz, pop and funk. He would play with them on the turntable and it was history from there. When I asked how he break into being a performing artist he shared with me a story many can relate to. He was put in a position where he couldn’t DJ after being incarcerated, so he started writing as a way to release frustration. Once out he invested in a sampler and started creating his own original music. His talents and experiences now inspire others.

                   DJ Chizzle is getting national recognition. He is proud of where he comes from and contribute time to work with any artist locally, but he also work with many artist internationally. DJ Chizzle enjoys collaborating with others. He said “Collaboration is my specialty, I embrace it. It makes me a musical asset because I can adapt and work with any artist.” I felt the confidence and realness when he made that statement. It didn’t seem cocky or boastful at all because his confidence I felt. How this man feels for what he does can be seen a mile away.

                    DJ Chizzle is far from keeping things simple he is all about being live. You can see it in his body language, the way he talks and the way he dresses. Yes, the way he dresses as well. DJ Chizzle could be in a crowd and be pointed out because he has a unique style of dressing and not afraid to be colorful and highly stylist. It all fits in to his personality. DJ Chizzle is a motivator. He said “The key is to grind hard and work hard. Stay dedicated, promote and be committed 100%. I believe if I eat my city eats.”

                      With DJ Chizzle being multi talented, I was curious to hear his response to my closing question. What would he change about the industry today? The answer he gave was most interesting yet true. He said “DJ’s are not valued as they used to be and their roll has switch a little. Now artist don’t need to break through a DJ they have many other avenues. Before DJ’s was the ones to break out new artist mixtapes.” DJ Chizzle and I both agree it not a real mixtape if a DJ is not behind it. Now that is food for thought. DJ Chizzle still do great as a DJ and is killing the game as a producer and lyricist. Contacting him to work with him will be the best bet an artist will make. DJ Chizzle is a guarantee hit maker the fire he brings will amp you to greatness.  I have including below all DJ Chizzle information for bookings and collaborations. Also follow him across all social media. Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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