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Glayshahz of Ice 


            You how there’s sports then there're extreme sports. Well there’s rap artist and then there are extreme rap artist. I have come across many but not one as inspiring then Glayshahz of Ice. He will tell you that from the moment he knew how to write, He was creating lyrics. His parents say since the age of 2 years Glayshahz of Ice creating songs and rapping. By high school Glayshahz of Ice was dominating the battle rap scene in the area. His boldness and willing to face off any opponent giving the name Glayshahz of Ice, being he was the coldest in any battle. Glayshahz of Ice have evolved over the years He has become the best of the best with the ability to take listeners places no other can. Glayshahz of Ice rhyme from his heart & soul never mediocre. He has mastered his style and is aimed to revolutionize hip hop. When I asked him why he do it so good, Glayshahz of Ice said “I love music! My father and his father made music. It’s in my DNA.” Check out here some of Glayshahz of Ice latest hits.

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