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Moe Money

           When I first seen this artist work I instantly seen an artist with great potential to rise to the top quickly. Don’t let the pretty boy face fool you Moe Money is more in tuned with his surrounding then his self. He is more concern of bring awareness then being a fab follower. He’s been going hard in the paint for two year but been around for some time now. When I asked what’s his motivation he said something most heart founded, he said “My motivation is all these innocent people incarcerated and how they come back from that once released.” Music in a big way is a outlet for them imprisoned within themselves and so many artist relate to it as well draw from that factor.

                Moe Money has a winner in delivery when it comes to his performance. He says, “My inspirations come from different places. Man! I just love music,” It can be seen in his showmanship. One of Moe Money goals is to work with some of the hip hop stars he grew up listening to. He said that would be a dream come true. He doesn’t have anyone in particular, because he believes it’s all about collaboration. “We all as artist have something unique to bring to the table to create timeless hits.” Moe Money mato is being a self-made man. He is a highly motivated positive person. You will always catch him smiling because he stands strong in faith and fear no man under GOD. In closing I asked him if he could change anything about the industry what would it be? He stated, “If I could change anything about the Rap Industry it would be all bullshit people rap about. Everyone on the same hype and I know not all these niggaz fake trapperz, tote'n guns. These dudes wasn’t living that life into they decided to get in the rap game. It’s sad how people feel they need to be a certain way to make music. That’s not even what makes a man. It’s weak af and it hurts the game if you ain’t been living it your whole life then you not about that life. Come with something new. Come with something that’s really you. Posers!” He shakes his head and with a smile.

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