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Moss Mentalsk

     I have had the honor to come across many humble artist and Moss Mentalsk is very humble. His delivery is genuine and clear. You can feel the realness in his work. He never come off washed over or repelled. I must say his laid back appeal makes it look like it so easy for him. I like to understand what the artist is saying and where they coming from. Moss Mentalsk can deliver a clean style that can be collaborated with any other style and make a great hit.

   When I asked Moss Mentalsk who he would like to work with, he said he love the sound that come from the south. Artist like Rj, Mozzy, Kevin Gates, Boosie and Zero. He like the unique style and how these artist have the ability to bring something different to the table.  Moss Mentalsk motivation is his also his strengths as well, his ambition and determination fuels him to make it so he can open opportunities for them around him as well. He has been a lyricist since he was 16. In closing we shared a chuckle when he said don't let the humbleness fool you. I'm bullheaded, I always been a leader never a follower.  

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