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               I have come across so many brands and I love them all. I will feature many of them in the future but I wanted to start with these amazing Designers who are setting great heights in fashion. Fashionistas and the trendiest trendsetters really need to be on top of these three if you are not already.

Nella Ramal Fashion

               The first brand I will like to introduce is Nella Ramal Fashion by The Tie King Allen L. Mc Pherson II. Bringing classy back with the unique ties and custom items. Allen uses amazing prints and bold color to create looks that makes a statement. Nella Ramal Fashion pieces can be combine with many looks and is for business or everyday wear. Allen can draw inspiration from anything and create a masterpiece that the buyer will enjoy and cherish. Nella Ramal Fashion is for everyone with bow ties and custom pieces designed for men, women and children. Nella Ramal Fashion offer styling services teaching men and women to dress to empress every day and service weddings and special events. The children’s wear is so cute and I love to see the little boy’s in tie and girl’s in bow headbands.

                  My favorite pieces from Nella Ramal Fashion is bow tie hoop earrings. I am a big fan of hoops and when I first seen Nella Ramal Fashion cute colorful bow tie hoops I fell out. I can match them with outfits. I can match the with my shoes and purses and always stand out because I know no one else will have them. Allen also created custom pieces for fans who like to rep their team always.

                  Interested in checking out Nella Ramal Fashion product line or more information on styling services and tips. Designer Allen L. Mc Pherson II better known as The Tie King for his large selection of bow tie and many years of deigning exclusive bow tie for gentlemen, ladies and gits. Nella Ramal Fashion styles range from formal events, prep and classy wear, business and everyday informal wear. Nella Ramal Fashion can be contacted at:

Bow Tie King Facebook

Photos provided by Allen L. Mc Pherson II

Goddess Guleoir Haute Couture & Kouture Kartel

             Natassia Elle CEO and founder of Goddess Guleoir Haute Couture and Kouture Kartel provide a high-end styling arrangement tailored for everyday wear, formal and night life. Goddess Guleoir Haute lives up to its name with the trendiest pieces for you Glam Girls and Barbie’s. Earrings bling, fringed and feathered that fall perfect with any face line and look perfect with any hair style. The team earring is perfect for the diehard ladies who like to stay trendy and represent their team at the tailgates and game parties.

              Natassia designs complements the silhouette and looks great on all body types. Cute cold shoulder tops and flattering black dresses with applique details has ladies always ready to stand out and be the most fashionable no matter where you are. Goddess Guleoir Haute Couture provides products you will not see anywhere else when you go with them you are say you are exclusive and only wear exclusive brands.

            Kouture Kartel provides a clean urban wear that hot, on point and make sense. The Narcotic wear is intoxicating with the vibrant colors and comfort dry-fit tees that stays fresh in more than one way. The hoodies are made of soft fleece and velour and is feel good wear to sport out on the town or lounge in. This brand is setting an all new trend with its 420-sublime wear that is great to pair up with exclusive kicks and colors.

                     Natassia Elle do not just step out in style. She steps out above style with Goddess Guleoir Haute Couture and Kouture Kartel. When building your wardrobe these are the brands to consider. You can see more of these two brands products at:

Kouture Kartel Instgram

 Kouture Kartel Facebook Fan Page

Photos provided by Natassia Elle

Leather Lobes

                     I have been a big fan of leather all my life. The feel of it and the smell. If you know how to take care of leather it will last forever. I just love leather! Karen Roberts has a unique way of manipulating leather to create a fabulous timeless piece. Leather Lobes earring make the person wearing them feel elegant no matter if they are dressy or just knocking about running errands. Leather Lobes leaf dangle chain earrings comes in an arrange of styles. My favorite are the Metallic Fuchsia Foil three tire leaves. I like the lilac color chain and how all the colors complement each other. The bangles and dangle hoop earring should be a part of every lady wardrobe at these twice a month if you ask me. When you wear Leather Lobe it feels good. You will get so many complements and will defiantly feel exclusive because every piece are hand crafted and custom made. Leather Lobes are light on the ears and always a chic hot item that I always go crazy over. Check out the full arrangement of Leather Lobe on FB:

Leather Lopes Facebook Fan Page

Photos provided by Karen Roberts


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