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    Hypnodic is been creating music for 10 years but said the last 5 has been what impacted his career the most. What started off as a hobby to release stress and economical tension as a teen evolved into a long-standing career. The difference from now and when he started is he has grown to understand the power behind his lyrics. He said from his experience he came to understand the layers of this business. It so much more then free style sessions and getting in the studio booth and laying down tracks. The seriousness and dedication to the work that Hypnodic puts out is the key to the success of the culture of the Hip Hop he produce. The culture of Hip Hop altogether has been ripped apart and it will take artist like Hypnodic to hold it together.


    Hypnodic has a cool guy appeal. You can tell he take joy in picking up new knowledge because he is very observant. The next step Hypnodic is eager to make is to collaborate with more artist from different places. He looks forward to connecting more with artist across the country and abroad. His fans and followers motivates him the most and that’s what makes him kick it up and go stronger. We can look forward to his mixtape that will be release soon around Thanksgiving called “Dreams n Dollars.” He is also working on a couple of videos too. Hypondic will be releasing his album mid-2018. He didn’t want to give too much away but he did tell me that it is a different direction from what he has done. A lot more upbeat hits and feel good tracks. We look forward to rocking out to what’s to come soon.


    Back in 2010 Hypnodic was fortunate to open for one of his top 5 favorite rappers Styles P. At the time, he was a part of a group called Cream Team. They opened with their hit “Together We Bang.” Hypnodic said the turnout was great and vibe was amazing. This was a dream come true to perform in front of a large audience for a person you admire. Hypnodic said the experience was surreal and was beyond his expectations. Style P did not come off with a super star persona. He was down to earth and connect with everyone. To see the humbleness of this successful artist motivated Hypnodic even more. Hypnodic went on to open for Jim Jones and French Montana. These opportunities were the edge Hypodic need to reach for them levels he always knew he could reach. Hypnodic loves being that voice that inspire others, so to be on stage with someone who inspire him… Man! Words can’t express that feeling.


    Hypnodic has teamed up with his comrades Jux and founder DJ Chizzle to build up this hot label GrindSeason. They are taking GrindSeason to ultimate heights with numerous talents. GrindSeason also offer many services from beats, studio recording, mixing and mastering, as well as photography, videography and editing. GrindSeason is always looking for new talent like rappers, singers, models and more. GrandSeason provide only high-quality products so if you are looking for the best in creating hits GrindSeason is the best company to work with and will bring you visions to life. I have included contact information below. Do not hesitate to contact Hypondic for bookings, collaborations or other services.

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