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              I can’t say up and coming artist when talking about Kelda because she has been around for a good time. She is not just making a name for her because what she does comes so naturally to her. This multi-talented Artist, Rapper, Actress, Television Host and Activist is inspiring because she goes so hard and make it look so easy. When asked Kelda how she do it she reply, “I try to stay busy.”  

               Born and raised in The Bay Area California, Kelda had the pleasure to work with many people from around the globe. I once asked her what was her favorite place she has been. She told me she toured in Japan the energy is crazy. Most of all she enjoyed the Bahamas and touring there she was treated like a Goddess.

               When it comes to music Kelda is always delivered a clean style and live up to the hype she set forth. It’s always fresh with a clear message. Check out her videos at the end of this article. Kelda always brings something you can dance to and keeps it real for the ladies. She crosses the boards when it comes to hip-hop.

               Kelda is also a strong activist and supporter of positive movements locally and nationally. You may have caught her on the scene modeling a Skyler Wear ballerina puff skirt on support of the anti-bullying movement. This program teaches and inspire young women to join together on common ground and except each other flaws and all not exploited them. Kelda has been a big supporter of this. Skyler Wear based out of Oakland, CA, has created a wonderful internship for young women of all nationalities to come together and learn the in’s and out of the Fashion World in pledge to love each other and stop bullying. Kelda is also host, MC and volunteered for many charity events over the years. This is something Kelda take to heart and make a point to always do. You go girl!

              I know Kelda best as Diva and so do many of you. Outside of her radiant beauty. Kelda hold the characteristics that goes beyond a Diva. To this day, I want to know her beauty secret for the glow she has. Kelda can be in any place or situation an always maintain her cool. On top of that she is fun, sociable, humble, and one of the most down to earth ladies you can ever meet. We all get a chance to see that if you turn in to her nightly show Diva Talk Tonight. Now I no longer live in The Bay Area so I don’t get to pleasure to tune in to Kofy TV but I do catch it on Youtube. I shared some links below. Now you would want to subscribe to her channel because this show is great and it has something for everyone. Amazing guest with interesting topics that are current and trending. The skits are gut busting funny. You can see she has a wonderful cast and crew. When she started back in 2014 she called me and was like, “Dang girl I really wished you stayed to be a part of this please tell me coming back.” Years later the show is going strong and getting better every season. I told her I knew Oprah step down for her. Go ahead Diva and get your Oprah on girl!

             Now Kelda is not new to TV she had a show in the pass called Diva Style TV where she interviewed top stars in the music industry. If you can name them most like Kelda interviewed them. She has had the opportunity to interview some iconic ground breaking people which is amazing. I said to her, “You know you are a part of history right.” She so modest just blushed and said, “Why you trying to make me seem all important. I’m just me. I do this for fun.” That’s how down to earth she is. She not superficial like many female rappers that’s been where she has been. One thing for sure Kelda aka Diva got all ten fingers and all ten toes in the game because she not just has a hit talk show she has some movies she stars in as well. Two original films that I know of so far but many more to come because Diva is one busy lady. You can catch “Love, The Original Way” on Amazon now. I have the link to that below. She also plays in “Dinner With The Reinharts.” I will share that link once it becomes available. I don’t want to give away the movies because you must see them yourself but Kelda do her thing as always.

           If this is your first-time hearing about Kelda and Keldamuzik, I invite you to check out her many work and project below. You will definitely become a fan of this amazing lady. You need to find out for yourself why she holds the title DIVA. You will enjoy all she has to offer and I am proud to be able to call her a friend. Diva keep up the good work lady.


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