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        Sniper a Hip Hop Artist from Morocco has done more then made a buzz since he came on the scene in 2013. He participated in some righteous projects like Positive School that's apart of a movement of artist performing in Morocco. I asked Sniper how is it living in the Motherland rich of history and culture? Sniper stated " Yes that's true but if I could change some things it would be the violence and brutality. We have to deal with discrimination a lot like the U.S. maybe even worst. Sniper show me how the direction of Hip Hop is the same as the U.S driven by money, sex, drugs and exposing lavish lifestyles. He was like see it's the same everywhere.

         Sniper inspiration is classic Hip Hop and documentaries. His motivation is to bring his message to awareness. He keeps is admiration to heart and is a all around good dude. Sniper has a lot in store for us and with his crisp up beat flow I know we will not be disappointed. I closed by asking if you could work with anyone in the industry who would it be? Sniper concluded by saying, "I will like to work with people who's in it for Hip Hop. For the love of the music over the love of the money." I included how to contact Snipper below. He is a great artist to collaborate with.

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All photos and media was provided by Snipper


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