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In this version of Hot Brands to Follow we have three Brands that are doing amazing things. Businesses that this are becoming pioneers in the community when times are calling for leaders. Letting the Brand be your passion and watch you take it places like these guys.


Avado Clothing Company


                      Avado which means " Anybody's Vision, Ambition, Drive for Overcoming Obsticale."   Ty’rone Watkins is the creator and president of Avado Clothing Company. Ty’rone is also the head designer. Ty’rone had a thing for art at a young age. His Grandmother encourage him and gave him the edge to peruse his dream to be a designer. He self-taught himself the fundamentals of garment construction and took his dreams to the heights he always wanted them to be. Ty’rone didn’t just start Avado to chase dreams, he wants to set an example for his siblings and youth around him. Being his own boss showing what hard work and dedication can do. Ty’rone works on putting them though school and giving confidence in their future.

Avado has active and designer wear. The active wear is durable medium to light weight cotton with a relax fit. The logo AV is a classic look that fit with any style of dress. T-shirt, tank tops, jogger, bomber jacket, sweaters, bottoms, hoodies are some of the items Avado offer for men, women and children. The designer wear is a tribute to Ty’rone’s American pride. I have seen great flag and ethnically inspired pieces in the pass but was very intrigued at how Ty’rone played on the mixtures of textures. He said, “My heritage plays a big part of who I am, American, Jamaican and African. To be an American and proud that my family before me played a part in building this place, from the cotton in these shirts to the street we walk in.” Avado designer wear makes a strong statement with the urban inspired textile and textures. What engage me the most about Avado wear is how veritable it is, combine with many different dress styles you will always have a one of a kind look.

Ty’rone feels it is most important to keep art alive and active in the community. Many neighborhood programs and school cut art programs and children no long has an outlet to express themselves artistically.  Ty’rone donate art supplies to neighbor schools and children. He plans to be in a place where he can create a after school program dedicated just to art so that kids can continue to be inspired as he was to art as a child.



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N.W.O New West Orlando

                        Keith Chapman is the Founder and owner of NWO which stands for New West Orlando. Keith said he established N.W.O after dealing with many year of dead end jobs and he felt his time could be better spent. It was the best thing he did because it has taking him places a security guard job could had never token him. Keith true fate was to be a public figure. Keith personality and eagerness showed him he had a talent greater than just selling his brand. Keith has a talent to bring people together. Keith said for a long time a dark cloud hovered over West Orlando and it was looked down poorly compare to the surrounding area. Keith want to change that image and show the positive and good that’s being done in the community. Keith rallies alongside with fellow business owners and supporters to get the residents actively involve with events that better the community, like food drives for the homeless and school supplies for children. I was taken by how passionate and easily dedicated Keith is. I wonder if he got any sleep. He said if he sat down long enough he get a nap in throughout the day. This guy started a t-shirt brand that became a powerful movement. I know it wasn’t just for fame. There is so much more to Keith Chapman.


I had to dig a little deeper so I checked out Keith Instagram and fond he was not a talker he was a doer. Keith is all over the place but in a good way. He promotes local artist and events. He helps organize outreach for the community. Keith also mentors and work with locate young Athletes. He was modest of course when I asked him why is it he is dedicating so much time in helping others. Keith says I don’t do it for the money. I do it from the heart.

N.W.O has a store located in the Magic Mall 2155 W. Colonial Drive, West Orlando, FL. When asked what made Keith chose that location he said simply “Everyone from West Orlando knows about the Magic Mall. It has been around for as long as I remember and is in the heart of the city." That was in inspiration for his heart of the city tee. Which come in all colors with the city rest on the hills of a heart with text in center. N.W.O has several New West Orlando acronym inspired items, like the Westside tee spin-off brand a W with a similarity to Adidas or 420 plant with line radiating from the bottom. The classic tee is well known as N.W.O stamped in a box similar to the wrestler New World Order. N.W.O brand offers hats, t-shirts, tank tops, socks, hoodies, active wear and more for men, women and children. Keith lives up to his brand and what it stands for. Every new visitor to the store gets to join in on the pride of the community and join the wall of supporter. You walk away with a purchase that makes a difference.

Keith continue to show love for the heart of the city when he created N.W.O athletes. This showcase local Athletes bring awareness of local talent and offering a great opportunity for the hard work of these Athletes to be recognized. He backs the N.W.O Allstars a AAU team formerly known as Central Florida Magic. Keith also works with Central Florida Youth Football League. Keith believes that getting out on the field working with young adults is more effective then lecturing a gymnasium full of teens.

Keith Chapman plan was to bring unity one shirt at a time but his vision surpasses his mission statement. What Keith is doing for the community is a great example of what is needed across America. This comes to natural to Keith. Keith said as a child he was always chastised by teachers for the questions he had about the world. His parents, who always been very supportive, encourage him to follow his passions in life. No matter what venture Keith took, his faith and education, he always had his parents backing him. I know them teachers sink in shame to see the class clown who always asked questions never stopped. He turned that openness into answers, and them answers into work. Keith has become a artery that pumps blood to the heart of City. I know there is so much more to come for N.W.O. Follow N.W.O on social media. I listed links below. The contact into is available to purchasing N.W.O products. 


Kreative Dreamzzz

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Artefakt Apparel

                        Founders Anthony Sugarman and Sekou Heru brought Artefakt to life to preserve and bring awareness of dance culture solely street dancing and free style dance. I love message behind this brand and what they are doing to showcase dancers all around. All the differences become come common when dance is concern. The expression with the body speaks louder then the mouth. It says I am free and bold. I am not defined by my race, sex, size origin. My style is individually unique and it’s okay. Artefakt and the way they are bring people together is amazing. All these individuals coming together can put their differences aside through dance. There is no reason why everyone else can't put aside hatred and find unity as well.  Freestyle dancing is all about moving and Artefakt is more than a brand it a movement. The freedom, the passion, the unity.

Artefakt Apparel is made for the ability to move. The tees, tanks and hoodies are long and loose fitted for easily mobility. The bright color and splash colors can be matched up with any style and makes a cool trendy statement. The logo is fresh Artefakt is graffiti in a style like Chinese writing with a stick figure person that’s stretch close the likeness of a star. Love that the most about the logo it says to me we all are stars. Artefakt Apparel offers hat, hoodies, jacket, bottoms, tanks and tees. All their items are unisex and can be enjoyed by everyone.

I have included below the link to the website and social media. You can purchase item available and follow them to enjoy many showcasing and event of inspiring dancers around the United States. 



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These brands are working hard to bring awareness that change only comes through hard work, unity and educating each other. These amazing people who created these brands are providing us with exclusive trends that is worth the purchase. Wearing these brands, you will look hot, fresh to death, most of all your contributing to causes that are truly changing lives here in the United States. These brands are worth your purchase and support.

All pictures and media is property of the brands presented today and can not be copied or replicated.

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