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Feature Artist Wuanboi



            When I first herd Wuanboi I was stun and excited to heard something unique for once. Not too many artists out here can say they have style that’s far from common. Listening to him music gave me that good feeling you get when you hear something like no other. I haven’t heard nothing not one thing from this man that has been less than a hit. When it comes to creating Wuanboi is an innovator. This is an artist one would love to work with because when asked how is it he continue to come with original hit he just reply “I just take my music seriously and everything I do it with passion.” It defiantly can be herd and you defiantly will rock with it.  

             Wuanboi is what one calls a child prodigy he started performing at the age of 7 and been going hard ever since. He was exposed to hip-hop and r&b acts and performing by his greatest inspiration his uncle. His uncle planted the seed and watered it over the year into it blossomed to something great. You can hear it in his music and see it when he works. Wuanboi along many others I have spoken with say their music helps him release things that’s on his mind. It is therapeutic. I asked Wuanboi if he could what artist he want to work with the mos. He said Wayne & Boosie witch make sense because he falls in the category of them when it comes to his creative process. One thing I know! I love extra gravy... Haha 

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