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Feature Artist Mr. 413

Mr. 413

          Working behind the scenes since 2006, Mr. 413 started out as a market investor & executive producer for up &coming independent artist. In 2012 Mr. 413 use what he learned behind the scene in hop in the booth and started investing in his self crafting his own style as an artist. His motivation comes from his strong mother who desire to live an average life, but battles with an illness called ALS. She would always tell him to live life to the fullest and follow his dreams in life. When asked Mr. 413 said “My inspiration comes from change within self. Knowing that GOD has allowed me to become a better person and business man is amazing because I could of fell off on the wayside and took a different route more traveled.


         Mr. 413 will like the opportunity to work with many different artist from any background male or female. He like the fact of being able to network and expand his craft. Having that exposure to different styles is what it takes to expand as a world known artist. He believes that to be a strength along with his marketing and promotional skills. Mr. 413 stated that him being a strong song writer also plays a major part too. Mr. 413 closed with this statement. “So that artist can build their brand on different platforms in the music industry & entertainment business worldwide, the industry need to change how they deal with contracts and 360 deals.” You can always get in contact and get feedback.

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