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Moses Abdulkass

Moses Abdulkass

                        This multi-talented Artist from Nigeria caught my attention some time back. I saw a video of him singing in Church and I was instantly filled with the Holy Spirit. I contacted Moses to express how captivating his angelic voice was. He was humble and I told him I was interested in hearing more of his work. I was soon put on to what I feel is a under rated Super Star maybe even greater. Moses have the ability to sing any style of music flawlessly. That’s not all this man is a polymath musician and have a keen ear for harmony. As I watches his work I was like wow this guy is amazing. When it comes to harmony and delivery there is nothing he can’t do. He left me breathless and the sound Moses can create is any producer dream come true. Now I say this often but Moses Abdulkass is the top artist to work with.

photos provided by: Moses Abdulkass

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