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     A real fan of rap and hip hop cannot deny that TOX bring that good ole feeling that Biggie and Pac gives. When I listen to his new hit “It ain’t a game” Ft. J Hood a feeling came over me that was very familiar. It’s like Martin when he smells his momma biscuits. Hip hop is still alive, yes! Rap is not dead. It’s just not getting the love it should and TOX brings it so official. What a fan can expect is to clearly understand his lyrics and get to experience true skill and what rap should be like. Totally different feel from what’s being played on the radio today. If you haven’t got it yet we here at Klok Promo Dynasty feature what’s hot. It's so exciting coming across artist with like TOX. Talk about being blown away, and if you don’t agree something is wrong with you. After watching his new video, I couldn’t resist to call TOX to salute him cause that joint was moving.

     TOX been making music for more than a decade, but took it to that level back in 2010. From there it was murder hit after hit. He always collaborating with other artist so contacting him for a feature will be that fire to your set. TOX been coming strong year after year. His lyrics is explicit and raw. You must be wit it because his strong lyrics will intimidate the weak. TOX delivery is tops and not too many can deliver like this. He says it the best in his hit “So Springfield” Ft DJ Chizzle. He said “Who want it wit X, I’m fuk’n choking artist to death. Like when you start spiting your hardest and start losing your breath. I make these wack rappers want to quit. Some of these niggas shouldn’t even try to spit.  I make it look easy like a drunk white girl dress real sleezy that knows she’s on TV. I spit fire… What TOX delivers is epic. 

     What motivates TOX the most is his fans and how eager they are to hear his new music. Well TOX when you provide genuine music like you do only a real fan of music can appreciate that. TOX is not focused on impressing others with phony fabs like many artists today and fans can appreciate that they are getting to experience who TOX really is and not no altered ego. TOX draws is inspiration from art itself, and the many varieties of it. As well as all the greats in music across genre. TOX taps into all the elements needed to be great.

     TOX strength is his leadership and ability to direct them that look up to him in the right direction. What makes him a good leader is he’s a fast learner and always pick up on things quickly. Musically his song writing is superb. His slickness tends to piss people off, but they can’t help to want to be on a lyrical level as TOX. If TOX had the choice to work with anyone he chose it would be Dr. Dre. TOX followed Dr. Dre his whole life. What TOX admire the most about Dr. Dre is his ethic and passion to create. Dr. Dre brings the best out of artist and TOX know working with him would take the world by storm. In closing I asked TOX if he could what would he change about the music industry. Now I ask this question often and get some educational response, But TOX said “Everything, I would hit the refresh button.” I laughed, that response tickled me because I picture everything rewinding backwards. All these dookie rapper cocky over big deal rapping backwards, Lol. Check out TOX website. Follow TOX on social media and subscribe to his YouTube channel below. 



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