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    Hypnodic is been creating music for 10 years but said the last 5 has been what impacted his career the most. What started off as a hobby to release stress and economical tension as a teen evolved into a long-standing career. The difference from now and when he started is he has grown to understand the power behind his lyrics. He said from his experience he came to understand the layers of this business. It so much more then free style sessions and getting in the studio booth and laying down tracks. The seriousness and dedication to the work that Hypnodic puts out is the key to the success of the culture of the Hip Hop he produce. The culture of Hip Hop altogether has been ripped apart and it will take artist like Hypnodic to hold it together.


    Hypnodic has a cool guy appeal. You can tell he take joy in picking up new knowledge because he is very observant. The next step Hypnodic is eager to make is to collaborate with more artist from different places. He looks forward to connecting more with artist across the country and abroad. His fans and followers motivates him the most and that’s what makes him kick it up and go stronger. We can look forward to his mixtape that will be release soon around Thanksgiving called “Dreams n Dollars.” He is also working on a couple of videos too. Hypondic will be releasing his album mid-2018. He didn’t want to give too much away but he did tell me that it is a different direction from what he has done. A lot more upbeat hits and feel good tracks. We look forward to rocking out to what’s to come soon.


    Back in 2010 Hypnodic was fortunate to open for one of his top 5 favorite rappers Styles P. At the time, he was a part of a group called Cream Team. They opened with their hit “Together We Bang.” Hypnodic said the turnout was great and vibe was amazing. This was a dream come true to perform in front of a large audience for a person you admire. Hypnodic said the experience was surreal and was beyond his expectations. Style P did not come off with a super star persona. He was down to earth and connect with everyone. To see the humbleness of this successful artist motivated Hypnodic even more. Hypnodic went on to open for Jim Jones and French Montana. These opportunities were the edge Hypodic need to reach for them levels he always knew he could reach. Hypnodic loves being that voice that inspire others, so to be on stage with someone who inspire him… Man! Words can’t express that feeling.


    Hypnodic has teamed up with his comrades Jux and founder DJ Chizzle to build up this hot label GrindSeason. They are taking GrindSeason to ultimate heights with numerous talents. GrindSeason also offer many services from beats, studio recording, mixing and mastering, as well as photography, videography and editing. GrindSeason is always looking for new talent like rappers, singers, models and more. GrandSeason provide only high-quality products so if you are looking for the best in creating hits GrindSeason is the best company to work with and will bring you visions to life. I have included contact information below. Do not hesitate to contact Hypondic for bookings, collaborations or other services.

Hypnodic Facebook

Hypnodic Youtube

Hypnodic Instagram

All photos provided by Hypnodic

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     A real fan of rap and hip hop cannot deny that TOX bring that good ole feeling that Biggie and Pac gives. When I listen to his new hit “It ain’t a game” Ft. J Hood a feeling came over me that was very familiar. It’s like Martin when he smells his momma biscuits. Hip hop is still alive, yes! Rap is not dead. It’s just not getting the love it should and TOX brings it so official. What a fan can expect is to clearly understand his lyrics and get to experience true skill and what rap should be like. Totally different feel from what’s being played on the radio today. If you haven’t got it yet we here at Klok Promo Dynasty feature what’s hot. It's so exciting coming across artist with like TOX. Talk about being blown away, and if you don’t agree something is wrong with you. After watching his new video, I couldn’t resist to call TOX to salute him cause that joint was moving.

     TOX been making music for more than a decade, but took it to that level back in 2010. From there it was murder hit after hit. He always collaborating with other artist so contacting him for a feature will be that fire to your set. TOX been coming strong year after year. His lyrics is explicit and raw. You must be wit it because his strong lyrics will intimidate the weak. TOX delivery is tops and not too many can deliver like this. He says it the best in his hit “So Springfield” Ft DJ Chizzle. He said “Who want it wit X, I’m fuk’n choking artist to death. Like when you start spiting your hardest and start losing your breath. I make these wack rappers want to quit. Some of these niggas shouldn’t even try to spit.  I make it look easy like a drunk white girl dress real sleezy that knows she’s on TV. I spit fire… What TOX delivers is epic. 

     What motivates TOX the most is his fans and how eager they are to hear his new music. Well TOX when you provide genuine music like you do only a real fan of music can appreciate that. TOX is not focused on impressing others with phony fabs like many artists today and fans can appreciate that they are getting to experience who TOX really is and not no altered ego. TOX draws is inspiration from art itself, and the many varieties of it. As well as all the greats in music across genre. TOX taps into all the elements needed to be great.

     TOX strength is his leadership and ability to direct them that look up to him in the right direction. What makes him a good leader is he’s a fast learner and always pick up on things quickly. Musically his song writing is superb. His slickness tends to piss people off, but they can’t help to want to be on a lyrical level as TOX. If TOX had the choice to work with anyone he chose it would be Dr. Dre. TOX followed Dr. Dre his whole life. What TOX admire the most about Dr. Dre is his ethic and passion to create. Dr. Dre brings the best out of artist and TOX know working with him would take the world by storm. In closing I asked TOX if he could what would he change about the music industry. Now I ask this question often and get some educational response, But TOX said “Everything, I would hit the refresh button.” I laughed, that response tickled me because I picture everything rewinding backwards. All these dookie rapper cocky over big deal rapping backwards, Lol. Check out TOX website. Follow TOX on social media and subscribe to his YouTube channel below. 



TOX Twitter

TOX Instagram

TOX Facebook

TOX Youtube

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Dj Chizzle

DJ Chizzle 

        DJ Chizzle is known as a triple treat, a DJ, a lyricist and a beat maker. Now that’s a show stopper hands down. Yet DJ Chizzle greatest quality his energy is what makes him a super star. The love and passion this man has for music is most inspirational. He is fearless when it comes to rocking the stage. He is super hyphy and high sought after because of his ability to produce hits. It may seem like I’m tooting the trumpet loud on DJ Chizzle but meeting him you would say I couldn’t express enough how live and upbeat he is as an artist. He started off as a DJ and have been in the game for about 16 years. Now that I think about it that explain a lot. The best DJ’s have the able to hype any party and keep people moving. That experience as a DJ first gave DJ Chizzle the foundation of super stardom.


              I asked DJ Chizzle how it all started. He said his uncle had a very extensive record collect of all the great hit in R&B, jazz, pop and funk. He would play with them on the turntable and it was history from there. When I asked how he break into being a performing artist he shared with me a story many can relate to. He was put in a position where he couldn’t DJ after being incarcerated, so he started writing as a way to release frustration. Once out he invested in a sampler and started creating his own original music. His talents and experiences now inspire others.

                   DJ Chizzle is getting national recognition. He is proud of where he comes from and contribute time to work with any artist locally, but he also work with many artist internationally. DJ Chizzle enjoys collaborating with others. He said “Collaboration is my specialty, I embrace it. It makes me a musical asset because I can adapt and work with any artist.” I felt the confidence and realness when he made that statement. It didn’t seem cocky or boastful at all because his confidence I felt. How this man feels for what he does can be seen a mile away.

                    DJ Chizzle is far from keeping things simple he is all about being live. You can see it in his body language, the way he talks and the way he dresses. Yes, the way he dresses as well. DJ Chizzle could be in a crowd and be pointed out because he has a unique style of dressing and not afraid to be colorful and highly stylist. It all fits in to his personality. DJ Chizzle is a motivator. He said “The key is to grind hard and work hard. Stay dedicated, promote and be committed 100%. I believe if I eat my city eats.”

                      With DJ Chizzle being multi talented, I was curious to hear his response to my closing question. What would he change about the industry today? The answer he gave was most interesting yet true. He said “DJ’s are not valued as they used to be and their roll has switch a little. Now artist don’t need to break through a DJ they have many other avenues. Before DJ’s was the ones to break out new artist mixtapes.” DJ Chizzle and I both agree it not a real mixtape if a DJ is not behind it. Now that is food for thought. DJ Chizzle still do great as a DJ and is killing the game as a producer and lyricist. Contacting him to work with him will be the best bet an artist will make. DJ Chizzle is a guarantee hit maker the fire he brings will amp you to greatness.  I have including below all DJ Chizzle information for bookings and collaborations. Also follow him across all social media. Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Contact or booking info 
Djchizzle808@gmail.com subject booking
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Hot Brands To Follow 2

In this version of Hot Brands to Follow we have three Brands that are doing amazing things. Businesses that this are becoming pioneers in the community when times are calling for leaders. Letting the Brand be your passion and watch you take it places like these guys.


Avado Clothing Company


                      Avado which means " Anybody's Vision, Ambition, Drive for Overcoming Obsticale."   Ty’rone Watkins is the creator and president of Avado Clothing Company. Ty’rone is also the head designer. Ty’rone had a thing for art at a young age. His Grandmother encourage him and gave him the edge to peruse his dream to be a designer. He self-taught himself the fundamentals of garment construction and took his dreams to the heights he always wanted them to be. Ty’rone didn’t just start Avado to chase dreams, he wants to set an example for his siblings and youth around him. Being his own boss showing what hard work and dedication can do. Ty’rone works on putting them though school and giving confidence in their future.

Avado has active and designer wear. The active wear is durable medium to light weight cotton with a relax fit. The logo AV is a classic look that fit with any style of dress. T-shirt, tank tops, jogger, bomber jacket, sweaters, bottoms, hoodies are some of the items Avado offer for men, women and children. The designer wear is a tribute to Ty’rone’s American pride. I have seen great flag and ethnically inspired pieces in the pass but was very intrigued at how Ty’rone played on the mixtures of textures. He said, “My heritage plays a big part of who I am, American, Jamaican and African. To be an American and proud that my family before me played a part in building this place, from the cotton in these shirts to the street we walk in.” Avado designer wear makes a strong statement with the urban inspired textile and textures. What engage me the most about Avado wear is how veritable it is, combine with many different dress styles you will always have a one of a kind look.

Ty’rone feels it is most important to keep art alive and active in the community. Many neighborhood programs and school cut art programs and children no long has an outlet to express themselves artistically.  Ty’rone donate art supplies to neighbor schools and children. He plans to be in a place where he can create a after school program dedicated just to art so that kids can continue to be inspired as he was to art as a child.



Follow on social media:

Avado Clothing Company Facebook

Avado Clothing Company Instagram

Avado Clothing Compamy Twitter

All media is provided by Avado



N.W.O New West Orlando

                        Keith Chapman is the Founder and owner of NWO which stands for New West Orlando. Keith said he established N.W.O after dealing with many year of dead end jobs and he felt his time could be better spent. It was the best thing he did because it has taking him places a security guard job could had never token him. Keith true fate was to be a public figure. Keith personality and eagerness showed him he had a talent greater than just selling his brand. Keith has a talent to bring people together. Keith said for a long time a dark cloud hovered over West Orlando and it was looked down poorly compare to the surrounding area. Keith want to change that image and show the positive and good that’s being done in the community. Keith rallies alongside with fellow business owners and supporters to get the residents actively involve with events that better the community, like food drives for the homeless and school supplies for children. I was taken by how passionate and easily dedicated Keith is. I wonder if he got any sleep. He said if he sat down long enough he get a nap in throughout the day. This guy started a t-shirt brand that became a powerful movement. I know it wasn’t just for fame. There is so much more to Keith Chapman.


I had to dig a little deeper so I checked out Keith Instagram and fond he was not a talker he was a doer. Keith is all over the place but in a good way. He promotes local artist and events. He helps organize outreach for the community. Keith also mentors and work with locate young Athletes. He was modest of course when I asked him why is it he is dedicating so much time in helping others. Keith says I don’t do it for the money. I do it from the heart.

N.W.O has a store located in the Magic Mall 2155 W. Colonial Drive, West Orlando, FL. When asked what made Keith chose that location he said simply “Everyone from West Orlando knows about the Magic Mall. It has been around for as long as I remember and is in the heart of the city." That was in inspiration for his heart of the city tee. Which come in all colors with the city rest on the hills of a heart with text in center. N.W.O has several New West Orlando acronym inspired items, like the Westside tee spin-off brand a W with a similarity to Adidas or 420 plant with line radiating from the bottom. The classic tee is well known as N.W.O stamped in a box similar to the wrestler New World Order. N.W.O brand offers hats, t-shirts, tank tops, socks, hoodies, active wear and more for men, women and children. Keith lives up to his brand and what it stands for. Every new visitor to the store gets to join in on the pride of the community and join the wall of supporter. You walk away with a purchase that makes a difference.

Keith continue to show love for the heart of the city when he created N.W.O athletes. This showcase local Athletes bring awareness of local talent and offering a great opportunity for the hard work of these Athletes to be recognized. He backs the N.W.O Allstars a AAU team formerly known as Central Florida Magic. Keith also works with Central Florida Youth Football League. Keith believes that getting out on the field working with young adults is more effective then lecturing a gymnasium full of teens.

Keith Chapman plan was to bring unity one shirt at a time but his vision surpasses his mission statement. What Keith is doing for the community is a great example of what is needed across America. This comes to natural to Keith. Keith said as a child he was always chastised by teachers for the questions he had about the world. His parents, who always been very supportive, encourage him to follow his passions in life. No matter what venture Keith took, his faith and education, he always had his parents backing him. I know them teachers sink in shame to see the class clown who always asked questions never stopped. He turned that openness into answers, and them answers into work. Keith has become a artery that pumps blood to the heart of City. I know there is so much more to come for N.W.O. Follow N.W.O on social media. I listed links below. The contact into is available to purchasing N.W.O products. 


Kreative Dreamzzz

 Social media:

N.W.O Facebook

N.W.O Twitter

N.W.O Instagram

NWO Allstars:

NWO Allstars Instgram

NWO Athletes:

NWO Athletes

All media is provided by N.W.O

Artefakt Apparel

                        Founders Anthony Sugarman and Sekou Heru brought Artefakt to life to preserve and bring awareness of dance culture solely street dancing and free style dance. I love message behind this brand and what they are doing to showcase dancers all around. All the differences become come common when dance is concern. The expression with the body speaks louder then the mouth. It says I am free and bold. I am not defined by my race, sex, size origin. My style is individually unique and it’s okay. Artefakt and the way they are bring people together is amazing. All these individuals coming together can put their differences aside through dance. There is no reason why everyone else can't put aside hatred and find unity as well.  Freestyle dancing is all about moving and Artefakt is more than a brand it a movement. The freedom, the passion, the unity.

Artefakt Apparel is made for the ability to move. The tees, tanks and hoodies are long and loose fitted for easily mobility. The bright color and splash colors can be matched up with any style and makes a cool trendy statement. The logo is fresh Artefakt is graffiti in a style like Chinese writing with a stick figure person that’s stretch close the likeness of a star. Love that the most about the logo it says to me we all are stars. Artefakt Apparel offers hat, hoodies, jacket, bottoms, tanks and tees. All their items are unisex and can be enjoyed by everyone.

I have included below the link to the website and social media. You can purchase item available and follow them to enjoy many showcasing and event of inspiring dancers around the United States. 



Social media:

Artefakt Life Facebook

Artefakt Life Instagram

Artefakt Life Twitter

Artefakt Life Youtube;

All media is provided by Artefakt Apparel 


These brands are working hard to bring awareness that change only comes through hard work, unity and educating each other. These amazing people who created these brands are providing us with exclusive trends that is worth the purchase. Wearing these brands, you will look hot, fresh to death, most of all your contributing to causes that are truly changing lives here in the United States. These brands are worth your purchase and support.

All pictures and media is property of the brands presented today and can not be copied or replicated.

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Moses Abdulkass

Moses Abdulkass

                        This multi-talented Artist from Nigeria caught my attention some time back. I saw a video of him singing in Church and I was instantly filled with the Holy Spirit. I contacted Moses to express how captivating his angelic voice was. He was humble and I told him I was interested in hearing more of his work. I was soon put on to what I feel is a under rated Super Star maybe even greater. Moses have the ability to sing any style of music flawlessly. That’s not all this man is a polymath musician and have a keen ear for harmony. As I watches his work I was like wow this guy is amazing. When it comes to harmony and delivery there is nothing he can’t do. He left me breathless and the sound Moses can create is any producer dream come true. Now I say this often but Moses Abdulkass is the top artist to work with.

photos provided by: Moses Abdulkass

Abdulkass Instagram

Abdulkass Youtube

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Hot Brands To Follow

               I have come across so many brands and I love them all. I will feature many of them in the future but I wanted to start with these amazing Designers who are setting great heights in fashion. Fashionistas and the trendiest trendsetters really need to be on top of these three if you are not already.

Nella Ramal Fashion

               The first brand I will like to introduce is Nella Ramal Fashion by The Tie King Allen L. Mc Pherson II. Bringing classy back with the unique ties and custom items. Allen uses amazing prints and bold color to create looks that makes a statement. Nella Ramal Fashion pieces can be combine with many looks and is for business or everyday wear. Allen can draw inspiration from anything and create a masterpiece that the buyer will enjoy and cherish. Nella Ramal Fashion is for everyone with bow ties and custom pieces designed for men, women and children. Nella Ramal Fashion offer styling services teaching men and women to dress to empress every day and service weddings and special events. The children’s wear is so cute and I love to see the little boy’s in tie and girl’s in bow headbands.

                  My favorite pieces from Nella Ramal Fashion is bow tie hoop earrings. I am a big fan of hoops and when I first seen Nella Ramal Fashion cute colorful bow tie hoops I fell out. I can match them with outfits. I can match the with my shoes and purses and always stand out because I know no one else will have them. Allen also created custom pieces for fans who like to rep their team always.

                  Interested in checking out Nella Ramal Fashion product line or more information on styling services and tips. Designer Allen L. Mc Pherson II better known as The Tie King for his large selection of bow tie and many years of deigning exclusive bow tie for gentlemen, ladies and gits. Nella Ramal Fashion styles range from formal events, prep and classy wear, business and everyday informal wear. Nella Ramal Fashion can be contacted at:

Bow Tie King Facebook

Photos provided by Allen L. Mc Pherson II

Goddess Guleoir Haute Couture & Kouture Kartel

             Natassia Elle CEO and founder of Goddess Guleoir Haute Couture and Kouture Kartel provide a high-end styling arrangement tailored for everyday wear, formal and night life. Goddess Guleoir Haute lives up to its name with the trendiest pieces for you Glam Girls and Barbie’s. Earrings bling, fringed and feathered that fall perfect with any face line and look perfect with any hair style. The team earring is perfect for the diehard ladies who like to stay trendy and represent their team at the tailgates and game parties.

              Natassia designs complements the silhouette and looks great on all body types. Cute cold shoulder tops and flattering black dresses with applique details has ladies always ready to stand out and be the most fashionable no matter where you are. Goddess Guleoir Haute Couture provides products you will not see anywhere else when you go with them you are say you are exclusive and only wear exclusive brands.

            Kouture Kartel provides a clean urban wear that hot, on point and make sense. The Narcotic wear is intoxicating with the vibrant colors and comfort dry-fit tees that stays fresh in more than one way. The hoodies are made of soft fleece and velour and is feel good wear to sport out on the town or lounge in. This brand is setting an all new trend with its 420-sublime wear that is great to pair up with exclusive kicks and colors.

                     Natassia Elle do not just step out in style. She steps out above style with Goddess Guleoir Haute Couture and Kouture Kartel. When building your wardrobe these are the brands to consider. You can see more of these two brands products at:

Kouture Kartel Instgram

 Kouture Kartel Facebook Fan Page

Photos provided by Natassia Elle

Leather Lobes

                     I have been a big fan of leather all my life. The feel of it and the smell. If you know how to take care of leather it will last forever. I just love leather! Karen Roberts has a unique way of manipulating leather to create a fabulous timeless piece. Leather Lobes earring make the person wearing them feel elegant no matter if they are dressy or just knocking about running errands. Leather Lobes leaf dangle chain earrings comes in an arrange of styles. My favorite are the Metallic Fuchsia Foil three tire leaves. I like the lilac color chain and how all the colors complement each other. The bangles and dangle hoop earring should be a part of every lady wardrobe at these twice a month if you ask me. When you wear Leather Lobe it feels good. You will get so many complements and will defiantly feel exclusive because every piece are hand crafted and custom made. Leather Lobes are light on the ears and always a chic hot item that I always go crazy over. Check out the full arrangement of Leather Lobe on FB:

Leather Lopes Facebook Fan Page

Photos provided by Karen Roberts


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Feature Artist Sniper


        Sniper a Hip Hop Artist from Morocco has done more then made a buzz since he came on the scene in 2013. He participated in some righteous projects like Positive School that's apart of a movement of artist performing in Morocco. I asked Sniper how is it living in the Motherland rich of history and culture? Sniper stated " Yes that's true but if I could change some things it would be the violence and brutality. We have to deal with discrimination a lot like the U.S. maybe even worst. Sniper show me how the direction of Hip Hop is the same as the U.S driven by money, sex, drugs and exposing lavish lifestyles. He was like see it's the same everywhere.

         Sniper inspiration is classic Hip Hop and documentaries. His motivation is to bring his message to awareness. He keeps is admiration to heart and is a all around good dude. Sniper has a lot in store for us and with his crisp up beat flow I know we will not be disappointed. I closed by asking if you could work with anyone in the industry who would it be? Sniper concluded by saying, "I will like to work with people who's in it for Hip Hop. For the love of the music over the love of the money." I included how to contact Snipper below. He is a great artist to collaborate with.

 Snipper Facebook

Snipper Youtube Channel

All photos and media was provided by Snipper


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Feature Artist Moss Mentalsk

Moss Mentalsk

     I have had the honor to come across many humble artist and Moss Mentalsk is very humble. His delivery is genuine and clear. You can feel the realness in his work. He never come off washed over or repelled. I must say his laid back appeal makes it look like it so easy for him. I like to understand what the artist is saying and where they coming from. Moss Mentalsk can deliver a clean style that can be collaborated with any other style and make a great hit.

   When I asked Moss Mentalsk who he would like to work with, he said he love the sound that come from the south. Artist like Rj, Mozzy, Kevin Gates, Boosie and Zero. He like the unique style and how these artist have the ability to bring something different to the table.  Moss Mentalsk motivation is his also his strengths as well, his ambition and determination fuels him to make it so he can open opportunities for them around him as well. He has been a lyricist since he was 16. In closing we shared a chuckle when he said don't let the humbleness fool you. I'm bullheaded, I always been a leader never a follower.  

Moss Mentalsk Facebook

Moss Mentalsk Reverbnation

Moss Mentalsk Youtube

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Feature Artist Wuanboi



            When I first herd Wuanboi I was stun and excited to heard something unique for once. Not too many artists out here can say they have style that’s far from common. Listening to him music gave me that good feeling you get when you hear something like no other. I haven’t heard nothing not one thing from this man that has been less than a hit. When it comes to creating Wuanboi is an innovator. This is an artist one would love to work with because when asked how is it he continue to come with original hit he just reply “I just take my music seriously and everything I do it with passion.” It defiantly can be herd and you defiantly will rock with it.  

             Wuanboi is what one calls a child prodigy he started performing at the age of 7 and been going hard ever since. He was exposed to hip-hop and r&b acts and performing by his greatest inspiration his uncle. His uncle planted the seed and watered it over the year into it blossomed to something great. You can hear it in his music and see it when he works. Wuanboi along many others I have spoken with say their music helps him release things that’s on his mind. It is therapeutic. I asked Wuanboi if he could what artist he want to work with the mos. He said Wayne & Boosie witch make sense because he falls in the category of them when it comes to his creative process. One thing I know! I love extra gravy... Haha 

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Feature Artist Glayshahz of Ice

Glayshahz of Ice 


            You how there’s sports then there're extreme sports. Well there’s rap artist and then there are extreme rap artist. I have come across many but not one as inspiring then Glayshahz of Ice. He will tell you that from the moment he knew how to write, He was creating lyrics. His parents say since the age of 2 years Glayshahz of Ice creating songs and rapping. By high school Glayshahz of Ice was dominating the battle rap scene in the area. His boldness and willing to face off any opponent giving the name Glayshahz of Ice, being he was the coldest in any battle. Glayshahz of Ice have evolved over the years He has become the best of the best with the ability to take listeners places no other can. Glayshahz of Ice rhyme from his heart & soul never mediocre. He has mastered his style and is aimed to revolutionize hip hop. When I asked him why he do it so good, Glayshahz of Ice said “I love music! My father and his father made music. It’s in my DNA.” Check out here some of Glayshahz of Ice latest hits.

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Feature Artist Kelda Muzik



              I can’t say up and coming artist when talking about Kelda because she has been around for a good time. She is not just making a name for her because what she does comes so naturally to her. This multi-talented Artist, Rapper, Actress, Television Host and Activist is inspiring because she goes so hard and make it look so easy. When asked Kelda how she do it she reply, “I try to stay busy.”  

               Born and raised in The Bay Area California, Kelda had the pleasure to work with many people from around the globe. I once asked her what was her favorite place she has been. She told me she toured in Japan the energy is crazy. Most of all she enjoyed the Bahamas and touring there she was treated like a Goddess.

               When it comes to music Kelda is always delivered a clean style and live up to the hype she set forth. It’s always fresh with a clear message. Check out her videos at the end of this article. Kelda always brings something you can dance to and keeps it real for the ladies. She crosses the boards when it comes to hip-hop.

               Kelda is also a strong activist and supporter of positive movements locally and nationally. You may have caught her on the scene modeling a Skyler Wear ballerina puff skirt on support of the anti-bullying movement. This program teaches and inspire young women to join together on common ground and except each other flaws and all not exploited them. Kelda has been a big supporter of this. Skyler Wear based out of Oakland, CA, has created a wonderful internship for young women of all nationalities to come together and learn the in’s and out of the Fashion World in pledge to love each other and stop bullying. Kelda is also host, MC and volunteered for many charity events over the years. This is something Kelda take to heart and make a point to always do. You go girl!

              I know Kelda best as Diva and so do many of you. Outside of her radiant beauty. Kelda hold the characteristics that goes beyond a Diva. To this day, I want to know her beauty secret for the glow she has. Kelda can be in any place or situation an always maintain her cool. On top of that she is fun, sociable, humble, and one of the most down to earth ladies you can ever meet. We all get a chance to see that if you turn in to her nightly show Diva Talk Tonight. Now I no longer live in The Bay Area so I don’t get to pleasure to tune in to Kofy TV but I do catch it on Youtube. I shared some links below. Now you would want to subscribe to her channel because this show is great and it has something for everyone. Amazing guest with interesting topics that are current and trending. The skits are gut busting funny. You can see she has a wonderful cast and crew. When she started back in 2014 she called me and was like, “Dang girl I really wished you stayed to be a part of this please tell me coming back.” Years later the show is going strong and getting better every season. I told her I knew Oprah step down for her. Go ahead Diva and get your Oprah on girl!

             Now Kelda is not new to TV she had a show in the pass called Diva Style TV where she interviewed top stars in the music industry. If you can name them most like Kelda interviewed them. She has had the opportunity to interview some iconic ground breaking people which is amazing. I said to her, “You know you are a part of history right.” She so modest just blushed and said, “Why you trying to make me seem all important. I’m just me. I do this for fun.” That’s how down to earth she is. She not superficial like many female rappers that’s been where she has been. One thing for sure Kelda aka Diva got all ten fingers and all ten toes in the game because she not just has a hit talk show she has some movies she stars in as well. Two original films that I know of so far but many more to come because Diva is one busy lady. You can catch “Love, The Original Way” on Amazon now. I have the link to that below. She also plays in “Dinner With The Reinharts.” I will share that link once it becomes available. I don’t want to give away the movies because you must see them yourself but Kelda do her thing as always.

           If this is your first-time hearing about Kelda and Keldamuzik, I invite you to check out her many work and project below. You will definitely become a fan of this amazing lady. You need to find out for yourself why she holds the title DIVA. You will enjoy all she has to offer and I am proud to be able to call her a friend. Diva keep up the good work lady.


Kelda Muzik







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Feature Artist Mr. 413

Mr. 413

          Working behind the scenes since 2006, Mr. 413 started out as a market investor & executive producer for up &coming independent artist. In 2012 Mr. 413 use what he learned behind the scene in hop in the booth and started investing in his self crafting his own style as an artist. His motivation comes from his strong mother who desire to live an average life, but battles with an illness called ALS. She would always tell him to live life to the fullest and follow his dreams in life. When asked Mr. 413 said “My inspiration comes from change within self. Knowing that GOD has allowed me to become a better person and business man is amazing because I could of fell off on the wayside and took a different route more traveled.


         Mr. 413 will like the opportunity to work with many different artist from any background male or female. He like the fact of being able to network and expand his craft. Having that exposure to different styles is what it takes to expand as a world known artist. He believes that to be a strength along with his marketing and promotional skills. Mr. 413 stated that him being a strong song writer also plays a major part too. Mr. 413 closed with this statement. “So that artist can build their brand on different platforms in the music industry & entertainment business worldwide, the industry need to change how they deal with contracts and 360 deals.” You can always get in contact and get feedback.

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Feature Artist Moe Money

Moe Money

           When I first seen this artist work I instantly seen an artist with great potential to rise to the top quickly. Don’t let the pretty boy face fool you Moe Money is more in tuned with his surrounding then his self. He is more concern of bring awareness then being a fab follower. He’s been going hard in the paint for two year but been around for some time now. When I asked what’s his motivation he said something most heart founded, he said “My motivation is all these innocent people incarcerated and how they come back from that once released.” Music in a big way is a outlet for them imprisoned within themselves and so many artist relate to it as well draw from that factor.

                Moe Money has a winner in delivery when it comes to his performance. He says, “My inspirations come from different places. Man! I just love music,” It can be seen in his showmanship. One of Moe Money goals is to work with some of the hip hop stars he grew up listening to. He said that would be a dream come true. He doesn’t have anyone in particular, because he believes it’s all about collaboration. “We all as artist have something unique to bring to the table to create timeless hits.” Moe Money mato is being a self-made man. He is a highly motivated positive person. You will always catch him smiling because he stands strong in faith and fear no man under GOD. In closing I asked him if he could change anything about the industry what would it be? He stated, “If I could change anything about the Rap Industry it would be all bullshit people rap about. Everyone on the same hype and I know not all these niggaz fake trapperz, tote'n guns. These dudes wasn’t living that life into they decided to get in the rap game. It’s sad how people feel they need to be a certain way to make music. That’s not even what makes a man. It’s weak af and it hurts the game if you ain’t been living it your whole life then you not about that life. Come with something new. Come with something that’s really you. Posers!” He shakes his head and with a smile.

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Feature Artist B-Eazi



                   B-Eazi a Bay area artist says his family is what motivates him to go so hard in the game. He doesn’t mind having his own style because standing out is always what he done best. B-Eazi stated that them bad days are what get his creative juices going. He was like “Yeah I flow off my atmosphere and a day of life”. Getting through and still be standing, pushing to that next level is what it’s all about. B-Eazi stunts hard because he works hard. I ask him where he get his lavish style from he always styling and far from basic. He just laughed 

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Feature Artist LB




     One of the Bay Area finest, LB is not new to the game but is true to it. LB offers a unique flow that the listener can relate to. His motivation is his West Oakland roots where living sucka free is the thing to be and you can’t fake it to you make it, it’s either make it or step aside. LB is making it happen with over a hundred collaborations and he knows only about the best Cali Green. Favorite phase is “I’m about my mail” and nothing but certified slips. LB is no stranger to the studio producing slaps for a milli. This is not no hobby, LB lives what others want to be. You will never meet a man as humble and laid back, he is a person you want on your team because he put in work when it comes to this rap ish. Head General of Stayed Keyed Ent. Check him out. LB is the one to work with and make a hit.

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