How To Get The Best Out Of Klok Promo Dynasty

Making the Best Out Of Your Membership

Klok Promo Dynasty has many features that can be manipulated to showcase your work.

Select any option at the top navigation that you will like to contribute to. Select the plus symbol to add your content. The site has mobile capability. On a mobile devise the main navigation is located under Klok Promo Dynasty banner it looks like three little lines with three little dots. Selecting list will give you  drop down you can select photo, videos, blogs and all the other options of the site.

To join is free and there are two way to join. You can join through your Facebook account or through your email. Your private information is for membership purposes only and is never seen by any staff, sold or shared. 

Once you have created a membership you get your own page to customize as you chose. Like most social sites you have a profile picture and cover picture. You can customize these to your choosing. To edit your profile and upload profile and cover picture select the drop down in option with the nut bolt symbol.

On your membership page you have your activity feed that shows all your interaction on the site. You also have photo and video where you can upload pictures, album covers, videos and events what ever you like. Illegal content is not allowed. Reenactments are tolerated to a degree use of under age children in a profane way is prohibited, hate crime or signaling out a specific group is not allowed. Klok Promo Dynasty is not legally liable for legal prosecutions. We are all grown and know what's appropriate and what's not. We believe in freedom of speak and do not judge our member but encourage them to share your passion.

Blogs are great ways to draw attention on products, keep others current with upcoming projects and more. You can get feedback from others and connect with others who share the same interest. The blog section has features to add photos and video. The text and color can be customized. You can be creative with this section and utilize really how ever you want.

Like the blog the discussion section can be used to get others opinion on hot topics or input on new products. This section in also a great way to get information on gigs or post gigs in looking for others to participate in. The great thing about this section is fans and followers have a chance to communicate and get involve with topics.

Event section is to post upcoming shows, parties or what ever events that you have planned or want to share. Media can be added and text can be customized. The most current event will always post at to the descend by date. There are share options and RSVP. Members can also show interest by checking going, maybe or not going.

Friend section show you your followers on the site. Request are made and approved by members individually. To make a request on members page is located next to the options. You can also send private messages as well.

The comment wall you can post short messages of your choosing on your page and other members pages as well. This a great way to reach out and get other members attention as well post quick current messages. This can be use in so many ways to promote how ever you like.

The About section is all about you and you have the option of choosing what to allow others to see. Be creative and show off your skills. Klok Promo Dynasty want you to get the most out of all we have to offer. You can always reach out to us with any questions or if you will like a feature on out artist page. Please feel free as well to contact us for advertising on Klok Promo Dynasty.

We Are So Glad To Have You As A Member. Have Fun Networking!